Eureka, CA: Home to one of the most vibrant, varied, and self-contained music scenes in the country, yet very few people know about it. Despite its location six hours north of the nearest city (San Francisco), this evolving community of colorful musicians in rural Humboldt County continues to pump out creative music--for themselves and for each other, making do with the limited rock resources available in the sticks--while the rest of the music world operates oblivious to their existence. With 'Rural Rock and Roll (RRR),' Director Rufe offers an admiring ode to the main players in this small town's beautiful underground rock scene and indirectly offers a scathing indictment on the inherent laziness of 'urban' A&R people: After spending an hour with the catchy hit-makers of 'RRR' (groups such as construction-working mountain-metalheads THE HITCH, to soft gothgirls THE IAN FAYS, to 'karaoke glampoppers for the sexually ambiguous,' THE BUFFY SWAYZE), one can't help but wonder how this town-o-talent could go unnoticed within the same state as the music epicenter of the world. Narrated by the scenesters themselves, 'RRR' is a week-in-the-life of 13 unique groups and musicians. Through trips to their day jobs, rehearsals, house parties and downtown tavern shows, we gain a glimpse into the inner workings of a tight rock scene. Perhaps a few of these down-to-Earth folks have one eye on success outside of Eureka, but most seem content to work by day, then rock by night for their close friends--music made for all the right reasons.